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How our Fast-Track College-Level Proficiency Degree Program Works in Detail. 

The College-Level Proficiency Degree Program that College Board Exams offers is a Fast Track Program which allows graduation by examination. All students receive one, comprehensive 24-credit multiple choice, true/false & essay test by email. The test is simple to follow, easy to read, and has a suer-friendly format. Your test will include English, Business Law, Grammar, Penmanship Government, and General Studies. This test will be the only test you will be required to complete and pass. Best of all, you will have access to a coach via a toll-free phone numbert or email who will coach you if and when you need support. 

 Along with your 24-credit exam, you will receive an Exam-Prep course for academic support. You will be allowed to use the course while you are tking the test. The comprehensive test is an open-book exam. If you take your time, and read the exam-prep course, you will be assured of passing. 

 After successfully passing the test with a score of at least 60%, and combining your prior learning and work experience (your SWAN Portfolio), you will have earned the 24 credits required to graduate. Upon completing all academic and tuition requirements, you will be awarded your Bachelor of Vocational Education diploma. You may also choose a major to be specified on your degree. most students graduate from the Fast Track Program within 4 to 6 weeks, or you may take as long as 12 weeks. Please read our FAQ page for more detailed information. . . .  To enroll, you can visit our ENROLL NOW PAGE.



 College Board Exams Inc., is a private education testing institution, and is affiliated with a private-post-secondary business college, chartered in 1976, approved under the California Department of Education, and accredited by The National Education Alliance (a private, non-profit, non traditional accrediting institution, specializing in Online Distance Learning vocational schools). A vocational degree is associated with a career path or trade, wheras a more traditional academic degree is associated with general education and is not job-specific. A vocational curriculum (or it’s proficiency exam equivalent), omits general education courses like history, geography, philosopy, literature, etc., and for that reason it takes less time to earn and is vastly less expensive, BUT NOT vastly less valuable. Also for the above reasons, vocational college credit is not usually transferable to traditional academic colleges and universities, or to the military, or to some professions / high-tech employers. IF YOU EXPECT TO TRANSFER YOUR BACHELOR OF VOCATIONAL EDUCATION CREDITS TO A DESTINATION THAT REQUIRES TRADITIONAL ACADEMIC CREDIT, DO NOT ENROLL HERE! 

An important measure of your education’s effectiveness is your ability to read, understand, and follow instructions. If your primary objective is to improve our employment credentials, or simply to enhance your career prestige and sense of self esteem, and if the above admonishment does not conflict with our needs, WE WELCOME YOU TO FAST-TRACK COLLEGE-LEVEL PROFICIENCY DEGREE PROGRAM.