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Are these degrees right for you? CBE’s Affiliate Private Business College honors 100 percent of the student’s skills and knowledge toward their chosen degree.

Many successful candidates, enrolled in life experience degree programs, say that having their College Degree has changed their  life. whether an associate, bachelor, graduate or post graduate degree, they report that friends, family and associates have greater professional and personal respect for them. Others report substantially higher earnings, which, may parallel increased self esteem  from the satisfaction of accomplishment.

Before there were colleges, technical schools, and online universities, people gained knowledge through mentoring, internships and  apprenticeships. The result was highly skilled and talented professionals such as tradesman, scientists, and  philosophers to name a few. Today, many professionals are  returning to the classic style of education and learning, and are being rewarded for their life experiences and general learned skills by earning a college degree based on work  skills and life experience.

1. What qualifies as “Life Experience”?

“Prior job experience in any field, and  previous  education. Employer-sponsored training and workshops, parenting, personal goals, hobbies and travel, participation in volunteer activities and community service.  Independent reading, viewing, listening, or writing and many other  areas of life skills, or endeavors, in general.  Your Real life experience degree looks and is like a traditional college degree diploma, but is issued solely on the  basis of prior learning, life experience, and your CLET test score.

2. Who can get a degree from your affiliate college?

 “Anyone with a high school diploma or anyone with years of significant experience, skills, knowledge and/or expertise in a given field of study, which relates to their chosen degree may enroll with us. We accept students from across the United States, and around the world, All students are evaluated on an individual basis, based on their life experience and according to predefined criteria. Our affiliated business college honors 100 percent of the student’s experiential knowledge . Offered are: Life experience Bachelor of Vocational Education degree, life experience , Associate Degree as well as Master’s Certification in specific career paths such as Business Administration and Legal Studies.

3. What are Life Experience College Degrees? 

A professionally evaluated and earned college degree, based on your life skills,  achievement’s, and overall experience. Many productive.. knowledgeable individuals have no formal university education. You may have found it necessary to drop out of college prior to obtaining your degree, while legions of others, find the soaring costs of a traditional education unattainable. Many of these people have acquired an extensive education through life experiences and some have become experts in their respective fields and professions. What is common among many of these individuals (and what frequently limits their personal and professional growth) is the lack of formal educational credentials. However for most adults returning to the classroom to obtain these credentials is virtually impossible. With this gap, providing you with personal satisfaction, recognition for what you have worked so hard for, You may choose to use your college degrees to Advance your career, provide a sense of accomplishment, secure your current position, solidify a strong foundation for future goals or start your own company. Online Vocational Life Experience Degrees. The most authentic degree programs online. 

4. What College will issue my credential or degree?

Once we receive your completed enrollment form, we forward it to our affiliated private business college(Continental Technical Institute), Continental Career Training Institute (C.C.T.ï.), the company that publishes the C.L.E.T Exams, as well as The National Education Alliance(N.E.A.) a private accreditation institution, and one of them will authorize granting your College Degree package. You can view their website at “CTICAREERS.com”for more information and to assure yourself that it is coming from a California State Approved, and privately accredited private post-secondary Institution. This college started training paralegals and pre-law candidates in 1976 and has grown since then into a national and internationally respected online business company.

5. Do the documents mention “Life Experience” or anything like that? 

No. There is no mention of Life Skills or Experience on any documents. Your college degree is the same as any other degree awarded after completing a four year curriculum. The college will not provide transcripts or grades to persons earning their degree using the C.L.E.T exam because you will have”Tested-Out” of all classes and it would border as a ” FAKE DEGREE” to invent grades for classes that you never took. Some life experience degree grantors engage in that practice, but that is how you will know that they are not providing a bona-fide credential.

6. I’ve read in Wikipedia that you are considered among the best online, is this true?  

We believe we are always better than most other options that offer low-cost, fast results, without returning to a classroom because we do not promote fake degrees, invented transcripts or contrived explanations about why this is legal and legitimate. We have a simple and easily appreciated niche in the education market. A career related degree from a vocational college is faster and less expensive to earn because a vocational school does not have to offer non-career-related curriculum like history, geography, or even English, compared to an academic university that must offer many courses that contribute nothing to your career path or getting a job. A traditional college maintains a campus, a huge facility, and many other unwarranted expenses that you would pay for. That is why you are able to get a perfectly serviceable college degree without all of the typical wasted time and expense. 

Once you have your degree, nobody willcever ask you if your Bachelors is vocational or academic. Very few know the difference, and nobody really cares unless you are trying to become a rocket scientist or brain surgeon.


7. How acceptable are life experience degree’s?  

Employers are aware of the fact that attending a university classroom is not possible for a significant number of their workforce, plus they recognize the corporate benefits that a career-related degree program can bring to their business and their employee’s morale. Many people use our degree to bridge this gap and propel themselves to where they want to go, before, they had only hoped to be. However,one must be realistic about the differences between a traditional academic degree and a vocational degree. Vocational curriculum omits academic subjects like geography, psychology, literature, history, and focuses just on career skills. Therefore, it is easier, faster and less expensive to earn a vocational degree and it is usually not transferable to most academic universities, the military, and some high-tech employers.  Even so, the rapid growth of distance learning education programs, and virtual online classes and seminars, add to the overall appeal of College Degrees earned online. There is no doubt about the economic benefits of common sense alternative degrees based on experience, and when matched to real life credentials, they are their equal. NO APOLOGIES NECESSARY!

8. Are your Degree programs Accredited? 

“Our private college affiliates are Privately Accredited. Non traditional, and non-academic, vocational colleges and trade Schools are not accredited by the same agencies as traditional academic institutions.  

However, C.T.I , C.C.T.I., & C.B.E. have been accredited by The National Education Alliance since 1982. This program is also compliant with The Council for Adult & Experiential Learning. Our College-Level equivalency from non-collegiate sources is a program that “The American Council of Education’s College Credit and Recommendation Service”, provides. Additional accreditation comes from “The NEA Commission of Career Schools and Colleges”, and The California Bureau for Private Post-Secondary Education.  

Only 4.7% of those with vocational Bachelor degrees are unemployed, compared to 12.3% of traditional academic bachelor degree holders. The reason is that vocational degrees are focused on specific career paths, instead of general education, which leads to no specific career path. 

Did you know that accreditation is not legally required. It is, and has always been a voluntary process. Still, many believe it is very important to have their life experience degree’s, and traditional university degrees accredited. When viewed from a traditional school standpoint, adherence to national, and international customs for transfer of college credits or employers that are looking for certain school associations, and a few other reasons , make accreditation important to some. Always Check with your employer, educational institution, municipality or jurisdiction as to which, (if any), accrediting body they favor, and keep in mind that for career seekers, vocational accreditation is every bit as worthy and valuable as more traditional academic accreditation, but not coming from the same agencies.

The most honest and credible, accredited, Fast-degree program online. 

 Contact us now with any questions you may still have. We’re eager to help you. There are other online life experience degrees available— the programs are very similar. We offer distinct differences: Genuine State licensed degrees authorized by the California Legislature, plus professional distance learning councils, no exaggerated documents or invented justifications for what may seem abnormal to some. In business continuously in California since 1976, and nationwide since 1982, we offer THE ONLY HONEST ALTERNATIVE, to going to a traditional college for four-plus years, and then compiling a student loan debt that will haunt you for decades.

What will my Degree package contain?  
“Your College Degree package will contain the following:
  • Your professionally formatted, print-ready, downloaded degree. 

  • Your Student ID Card upon request

  • Your padded diploma holder, if delivered by mail

  • A college document folder

  • Free Shipping (if applicable)

  • Full post-graduation report