Would You Be Better-Off If You Had Earned
An Authentic College Degree?
Now You Have A 2nd Chance!

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College Board Exams is a private educational testing company (patterned after the original College Board SAT Exam model), offering a non-academic, online alternative home study college credenital for students who are at least 18 years of age and have measurable prior learning and / or work experience related to some career path. 

Our mission is to provide an alternative choice to the traditional academic, attendance-based model of education. By arranging with the California Department of Education approved private post-secondary vocational colleges which legally offer Associate and Bachelor of Vocational Education degrees (B.V.E. or B.V.ED.), we can have those degrees awarded to persons who can score well enough on our College Board Exams. In doing so, we believe that we are providing mature students with a second chance to earn a credential leading to a high-paying career path while having the freedom to choose a proficiency diploma program that meets their individual needs and the freedom to study at home and at their own pace. 

Many students choose this program years after they have graduated from high school and their study habits have become rusty. To assure that our students will pass the exams with adequate scores to earn a degree, we offer a College Board Exam prep-course which guarantees that each student will succeed, and can be completed in 30 to 90 days depending on the student’s chosen speed. A single modest fee covers the exam, the study materials, the final diploma / degree, and all student services.