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Graduation by Examination

-College Board Exams, granting college-level credit within 30 to 90 days, for what you already know and your prior work experience.

-Hundreds of exceptional high paid career paths to choose from online. 

  • Over 20 years, 53 million US students started college, but didn’t complete a degree for alot of reasons. 
  • At College Board Exams (CBE), we believe that, there are also lots of reasons why you should finish NOW!!  
  • So we help you maximize qualifying credits you’ve already earned through work experience, and then allow you to “test-out” in the courses that you never started, so you can graduate soon and get on to a great career!  

Whatever reason you had that kept you from finishing before, doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is that you have some GREAT reasons to finish now, because:  WE MAKE IT FAST, EASY, AND AFFORDABLE. 



The Benefits of Higher Education Add up

Twenty three percent of non-credentialed job seekers are unemployed compared to only six (6%) of traditional academic degree holders, and only two (2%) percent of vocational degree holders. 

Learn About The Best Kept Secret in Education.  

The California (SWAN PROGRAM) for awarding Vocational college degrees to undergraduates for prior learning, work experience, and a good equivalency exam score (C.L.E.T.) is still misunderstood by 99% of all colleges and universities. 

DON’T LET EXCUSES STOP YOU FROM FINISHING YOUR DEGREE! “A Fast-Track Degree, using a College-Level Examination Test, (C.L.E.T.), is your quickest way to success.”

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The US economy has been fragile for the past ten years. Many experts, including former Presidential Director of the OMB, David Stockman, are forecasting that the economy may TANK catastrophically in the foreseeable future. Just follow the news. If that happens the first people who will drop to the bottom rung of the economic ladder are those without a college degree or a valuable, marketable skill!

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Want to get started now? 


Click HERE NOW to find out

how you can Enroll!